The Pushcar

The Pushcar

This is the car we have put together to push Sprint Cars at the "Tulsa Speedway".
After long hard hours of getting it repaired and usable we are having lotsa fun with it,
well at least my son Kevin is.

UPDATE ! For 99 the car sports a new 350 chevy with a refreshed transmission.
This little car has some soup now !

The sponsors

~Webin' Works~
~Hill's Machine & Mfg. Co.~
~B Dalton Signs~
~Lightning Wings~
~Mingo Salvage~
~L & R Muffler~
~Paint Master~

I would like to thank all the sponsors for their help with donations of parts and time
for this project. I would also like to thank the fine people at "Tulsa Speedway" for
allowing us the opportunity to work the races, it is one of the most enjoyable things
I do.

For more pictures of the car with my almost 2 yr old grandson Kacey at the wheel
Check out the Kacey Page !
The page is graphics heavy so let it load, I think it's worth it !

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